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Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are a form gardening that is easy enough for everyone. Even if you do not have room for a garden you can create one in a basket. If you can plant it, you can put it in a planter, container or hanging basket. Just like the window box you can plant your hanging basket with herbs.

Whether plant a complete culinary herb garden in your hanging basket or use herbs to complement your other plants, a basket is a perfect way to bring herbs to your yard or porch.

Hanging baskets are meant to add impact. So add impact! But add your drama with great color combination, texture or unique planters and not a size that doe not fit your space. You can be big and bold in a big and bold space.

Adding shepherd’s crooks with hanging baskets can bring height to a gardens space. The key here is to be sure that your basket does not over power your crook.

It is a little difficult to find true herbs that are trailing.  Try Thyme, and Scarlet Runner Bean and Trailing Nasturtium.

Scent Leaf Geranium was made for hanging baskets. They have beautiful geranium flowers and leaves are sweetly scented.

One of the most unique baskets I have ever seen was made from a bird cage. The cage was filled with some of my favorite herbs, purple sage, golden sage and trailing nasturtium. I wish I had a picture to share with you…but I don’t. You will just have to imagine it.



Purple Sage

Golden Sage


Scarlet Runner Bean

Scented Geranium - Photo by laitche.com

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