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The Herb Parsley- From Growing Parsley To Parsley Benefits

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Do you know why the herb parsley has been used as garnish on your plate?

This simple herb is easy to grow and parsley has benefits that I didn’t even until I researched this herb plant. This is a perfect plant when it comes to herb gardening for beginners.

Parsley – There are two main kinds of parsley- flat leaf parsley and curly leaf parsley. Flat leaf parsley is grown as an annual by seed and has most flavor for cooking and stands up to the heat. Curly leaf parsley is used as a garnish and keeps best in the fridge.

Uses - A sprinkling of parsley just before serving a dish adds color and gives a fresh flavor to salads and sauces. It is perfect for cooking new potatoes.

Propagation – Parley is usually grown by seed. But I got my start early in the spring by taking a root division from my mother’s parsley plant. Growing by seed can be erratic, so buying parsley plants may be best.

Growing- The bright curly leaves of parsley make a nice addition to any flower bed. It likes full sun and well drained soil. Keep new plant moist.

Add parsley to your container gardens. It will be happy there.

This is one plant that has done well for my indoor herb garden. Your plants will do best with at least 6 hours of sun light.

Companion plants – Parsley herb is famous as a companion plant. It attracts the bugs and keeps them away from your other plants. Be sure to plant parsley among your tomatoes plants.

Storage- You can dry parsley but it is best to freeze it. Using a clean pair of scissors, just clip the parsley into a freezer bag. You can also dry it by clipping it when fresh. Store them in air tight containers in a cool dark place.

Although dried parsley tends to loose it’s flavor, it is a great addition to winter soups and stews. It adds a bright green color.

Parley Benefits - Drink parsley tea as a diuretic – it gets rid of salt and water and does not deplete your potassium. As with any medicinal uses be sure to check with your doctor.

Oh, and why is parsley put on your plate as a garnish? First of all it is pretty…but it is to be eaten at the end of your meal to freshen your breath.

Enjoy parsley,


P.S. I like using my vacuum sealer when I store my herbs in the freezer and in the pantry.

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  • 1 Liana // Jun 27, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    I always have parsley growing in my garden. Swallowtail butterflies feed exclusively on parsley family plants…it’s nice to share. Note: pregnant women should avoid large amounts of parsley, especially early in pregnancy.
    Liana recently posted..Backyard Herbs – Part 4 – PlantainMy ComLuv Profile

  • 2 Sheila // Jun 30, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    Thanks for the the additional data. Your expertise is always welcome.

  • 3 Melanie Kissell
    // Jul 4, 2010 at 1:36 am

    You might think I’m nuts (and that’s okay) but I even put some parsley in my dog’s bowls. It really does help to freshen their breath! As a matter of fact, there’s a brand of dog biscuits made with parsley for this very purpose.

    Your post helped me to learn that it’s best to freeze parsley. Thanks! I didn’t know that.

    Melanie Kissell recently posted..To Blog or Not to Blog – That is the Question-My ComLuv Profile

    Sheila Reply:

    No I do not think you are nuts….sounds like a good idea.

    I checked on the Internet and there are several brands with parsley and even recipes to make your own. Who’d of thought.

  • 4 Paula Powell // Jul 7, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Parsley, oh ya…the great antioxidant no one talks about. I throw it in my juicer with the carrots, etc.
    Something I’ve noticed is it seems to be quite the energy stimulant. Too much parsley can make me jittery, like overdoing caffeine or ginseng. A great little powerhouse herb for sure.
    Thanks, Sheila, for your informative site and the opportunity to share!

    Sheila Reply:

    I didn’t realize it was an antioxidant. But now that I think about it, makes total sense.

    So glad you stopped by to share.